Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey kitty kitty kitty...

Yesterday night I found a kitten wondering on the streets while I was on my way back home. She seemed to be a week year old if not less. I toke her home, gave her a shower, tried giving her milk, water, bread I even opened a cane of tuna. Nothing seemed to work.

I couldn’t sleep from her myaaaawing. She’s so cute I swear, she’s so tinny but shaking from hunger and thirst. I wonder if she’ll survive without her mum. I know nothing about tinny things like that so guess I’ll be taking her to the vet.

I tried posting her picture but unfortunately there is some thing wrong with my cam grouse (%!##*?)… You’ll get to see her soon though,…

Didn’t name her yet and don’t really know what to call her, so PLEASE HELP…

I thought of few names like Fatme with an E not an A, Atheeja not Khadeeja, Unny not Ummy and last was my favorite Moza as bananas.Ya I suck I know. Help the poor thing, get me cute names pleeeease…..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ouch, that hurts

I was at a conference when I came to meet this weird 80 year old guy; (obviously) the first thing I spotted was his shoe. He was standing on stage giving a speech and the only picture flying in my head was him doing the moonwalk.

(Because I’m bad, Michel Jackson in the house)

Like, how could, someone be, so damn out of style and confidently gives out a two hour speech? Did you see the way he’s standing? Like this guy really thought he was going to go to the ugliest shoe contest.


I’m leaving you with the picture,,,
Exclusively in Oman

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

He was GAY


Who are Gay people?
Are they that bad?
Aliens from another planet?
Are they (@*#~?!!%) offfff I can’t ask that question….

Well a friend of mine called
He : Halla wallah, Enti ween men Zaman you disappeared. I have your invitation card for FALN’Z wedding…..
Me : Ahhh you know life, work, family, dog, cat, shoes, (*I just can’t stand you man*). Cool on my way to pick my card (*as if I’ll go to a damn wedding*).

Driving with my high heals, red cap and cute T-shirt as I thought I was all that. Came out of the car heading towards him Ohhhh ($#?!!@#) he is with some one, that son of a gun didn’t tell me he had company….

Reaching to my main post issue, there he was (his friend):
Skin as soft as a baby (NO SCAR, DAMN).
Eye brows well done (WHICH SALON I WONDERED).
Nails clean and well shaped (MAN…)
Curved body, white tight shirt.

With a leg over the other and an ugly scary artificial voice he went like: Hiiiiiiiii
Me : *wel3amaa b3eenak* just a smile back
Gay: I heard a lot about you
Me : *wel3amaa b3eenak* just a smile back
Gay: Oh I think your friend is shy
Me: *wel3amaa b3eenak*
Put my hand out, toke my card and waved good bye.

To be continued….


My Colleague just interrupted my typing and told (ya flana, I washed my hair today)
No comment…

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I’m feeling empty,

Nothing to write about, hands shivering, face grumpy and can’t work. I think days when they go by people lose a part of them, when they realize they have to stop smiling and start thinking about the serious stuff (LIFE IS EMPTY FOR ME RIGHT NOW). It wasn’t empty a month ago, wasn’t empty a week ago, it just got empty now…

I know I don’t make sense so I guess I’ll stop here…