Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Are we friends"????

Have you ever had a friend from the opposite sex whom you are claiming that he/her is ONLY a friend, but whom you are pretty much obsessed with??? He calls you all the time, you always hang out together, feel so lonely when he’s not around and some times you have conversations with him that seem to be thinly-veiled discussions about how you are ultimately meant to be together.

At some point in this relationship, you will probably confess your undying love for him or her and/or try to hook up with them, DON'T. They will probably reject you, in a very dull way and your friendship will probably never be the same. (PITTY)

Now thinking about friends and wanting more, this is like asking your brother to be your father because you want more. Some people will think that this would be the best relation but once you lose your BEST friend you’ll notice that (OH it wasn’t worth losing him for)

So in reality, this relationship isn’t perfect at all, for a lot of reasons. It’s like your inventing a relationship in your head that doesn’t actually exist.

Of course, you’re probably not really listening to what I’m saying here because you want to believe that your relationship is different. (Which might be true). Either way, the point of this issue is that you CAN’T keep being friends with someone and wanting to make out with him or her at the same time. It’s going to come to a breaking point, and you’re going to want to tell the other person how you feel. (DISATER)

Believe me it’s not that easy hooking your self with your best friend. Just stay with me for a bit and ask your self only three questions before you go on any ferther:

First, is it worth it? Is it worth risking the friendship, which could very well be one of the best friendships you have?

Second, would it be weird? Can you imagine expressing feelings with this person? This is probably not that scary. But can you imagine it???

Finally, would it last? Does this have the potential to actually be a functional, lasting relationship, or would it devolve into a couple of hook ups that forever change the nature of your friendship?

If you’ve answered these questions and you think it’s worth the risk, then I say go for it. You might be lucky

As for me, my experience with this situation has been less than lucky. I’m a coward who thinks a lot before moving a cup from a place to another… So things went wrong as usual i ran away from the situation and NOW I'm trying to re-befriend my “friends” again. Hoping that one day he will get to realize that we were meant to be with each other (AS BEST FRIENDS)

I LOVE YOU MY BEST FRIEND hope your feeling the same way too…