Wednesday, October 28, 2009


How bad could the people around impact you…

You go and say to your self how strong and willing you are and how “what ever what happens” you wont let people around you change who you really are. But guess what (YOU ARE WRONG)…

I my self was one of those people, I am in my own world living in my white quite shell until BOOOOM there she was.

Short chick she was (is). Big dull eyes, very small lips “not to be seen at all”, un recognized features I have to say. Always covered in black, way TOOOO skinny and so harsh tone of voice. To me she looks like an under covered witch. (surely this is all after so many incidents with her, I have to be fare some how).

When I first got to know her she seemed to me like a Mother Teresa (or at least she wanted to look like one). Caring, giving, warm and loving but behind you she could poke you with a hook saying it was he sister who did it.

Now skipping all the incidents which accord and from reading so many books about SAICOPATHES I began to wonder. When do they really need to be locked behind white rooms or bars? Do we really have to wait for them to kill some one or become literally insane for us to take an action?

Ok I am being a bit sarcastic about things but come on people. Can’s you see? Some times a human mind can do something bad to harm another but can a normal human mind have two different personalities where he/she does the damage and play the innocent part. I am writing thing cause I can see every one around me not feeling the second she but yet they treat her with pureness while she is eating their flesh.

Uhhh what ever… I am back