Monday, February 20, 2012

Me, My self and I

Recently, observing my driving skills, I have noticed that my life could simply be called A MESS.

I malty task like crazy forgetting the fact that I am only HUMAN and this can fire back at me at any time (which it already did that’s why I’m writing about it)…

On my way to work the radio was on (BU OMAR morning show) concentrating on the topic UAE is giving more than 1700 Emirates pass port to the non locals "not my issue here", while doing that I was eating my breakfast in the car, drinking hot tea after every bite of my sandwich. Reading my morning prayers, deciding which road I should take and still listening to the radio turned high on DON’T FORGET “I’M DRIVING”…

To me, this is the least of malty tasking I do. “You should see me at home” TV has to be on, I can’t take the silence of the rooms, reading or writing something while my mind is on (how in the hell can I pay my March bills) while my hands are moving I’m thinking if I should apply a nail polish or leave them as they are. While this thought is in my mind I already left the book heading to the nail polish box and picking up a color. Off course all this is being done while I’m on the phone with a friend who I’m trying to solve her problems with her hubby who doesn’t want to travel this summer because of the high expenses.

This was just a simple sample of a ten minutes of my life, you can imagine the 24 hours DISCLUDING my sleeping hours (I sleep like a baby) alhamdullelah

I’m starting forgetting things EASELY.

Where are my keys?

I know that person but can’t recall the name

What did I come here for?

My Goodness missed that road

Why am I in the supermarket?

Which meeting? With who? When? Why?

I’m hungry and I have a snack in my drawer, I’ll go and order

I need to print and I have papers on my desk, I’ll go to stationery room

I swear one time I was in my car with toilet sandals, forgot to take them off…

Do you really want me to go one…? Uhhh BuGGer

The thing is my brain is so used of not keeping it simple, it has all those unnecessary thoughts that takes too much space. I am not focusing on one thing. I am every where all the time. If I close my eyes in this moment I can literally see my thoughts flying all around
I was reading my blog, and I notice that there are many unfinished blogs that I intend to leave them that way cause once that publish button is pressed there is another thought replacing my mind…

Leave to here every one, catch up with you soon I REALLY HOPE. And wish me LUCK