Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is it a sin???

Now the thing is how cute can a card get?

Private parties, hmmm Oman is opening up but is it COOL or is it a TRAND or is it the age thingy??? Will we our 3abayas and cover up or even start being boring people once we reach late fifties???

Now, every one wants to have fun in life. Some go to SHISHA’s then we go like (Oh how bad). Some go play football and the girls go like (how childish). Others enjoy watching T.V (weirdos) and others are play station and computer freaks. Gathering with friends and making up your own GANG (cool la?). Talking to boys and dating every new face you meet (no comment). Spending all your time at work, as they are called WORKAOLICS (ppl with no lives).

We have the car freaks, the book freaks, Al Sarooj petrol pump freaks(mo’3azelchee), fart freaks(men el malal).

Then comes the hot stuff, Drug dealers and users (I swear I know NON of them). Womanizers (going back to Al Sarooj). Mananizers (heard about them, seen them and I’m still in shock). House breakers (el 7ash wel 7asad). Fathers sleeping with there own maids, mother in laws then daughters. Mother pimps. Thieves (read Amjad’s Post). And then ofcourse there are the decent people like me and you!

Saying all that, Its a shame that going to a mixed party in the open is such a sin when a hell of a lot of other crazy shit is going on behind curtains!

Returning to my main issue (PARTY INVITATION) why not going to a party? Have a look at the shake it shake it, have a little laugh spend some time and go home. Ya I wonder if I’ll go!!!

Do you think I should go. If you were me, would you go?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My day at the beach

Cool ;)

A day at the beach was amazing, YA JAMA3A Oman is beautiful. I had a great time but it was too hot. I experienced this tiny fish boat ride and toke this picture of the natural mountain MAMAR, waw. I even had to climb the rocks which lead to the coolest breezed shaded area. (wallah I’m impressed of my self I was able to do all that, me and my lazy feet)

This was at Al Jassah beach,

WARRNING, never go there after 4.00pm. For some reason or the other the beach gets invaded by Indians who are DISCO dressed with cool hair styles. Yes, I said cool hair styles. Why do you think they use AMLLA oil hah??? Ohh boy and don’t forget the smell, I swear the fish smell is (AHWAN) and much more better than theirs.(3aaad mob Exaggeration)

Any way, by the end of the day I got sun burned, toke beautiful pictures and thanked GOD for giving us such beauty in our lovely peaceful country.


Thursday, March 15, 2007


I went to my friend’s house, she invited some of her other friends over for a cup of tea and a snack of ((7ash)). I simply squeezed my self between chairs after seeing all the 6absh around and sat between the two familiar faces I knew. The ((TA7QEEQ)) started from across the room in no time, a lady in her late twenties, so sharp feature and a mouth which didn’t stop cooing that lousy gum. With the loudest voice and in a ((SOQEE)) style she went like:

Annoying: So where are you from ya flanaa…?
Me : ( from earth, ya3nee weeen? )
I’m from ……. dear,
Annoying: aha, and are you working?
Me : ( maskeena she wants to give me her salary )
: Kinda!!!
Annoying: Ohhh so you’re working, where?
Me : In ………..,
now I’m trying to play wit my phone and look busy.

Annoying: Which department?
Me : (Still pretending I’m busy and didn’t hear a thing)

Annoying: Ya flanaa,
Me : ( Offffff ), Haaaaaaa

Annoying: You told me you’re working but you didn’t tell me which department??!?
Me : Just a mowa’6afa.
I swear it was so obvious enah maleee ‘7elg…

Annoying: How come you got a job like that? I’ve been looking for one for ages and still searching. Heeeh akeed wa96aa
Me : (shocked pretending to look 3adee, she's so malgoooofa)
Keep on searching akeed with your personality you’ll get a good job

Annoying: (silent for 2 minutes) where did you get your shoes from.
Me : (Allah some one is complementing my shoes)
Nine west

Annoying: you know I saw the same thing in KARAMA Dubai
Me : ( #*@?#~%/! )

After the shoe comment I decided to walk out in peace with my head low looking at my shoes…

Tuesday, March 13, 2007



I’m Obsessed with SHOES, every day I sit on my PC I open the pictures but keep staring at the SHOE picture, which made me start to wonder and ask my self: “are you OK 7abibtiii”…

What if one day the world decided to get rid of all the shoes in the world for it not to get polluted?
What if my feet grow so big that I don’t find sizes for a shoe?
What if Usama Bin Ladin targets all the shoes companies???

Questions we never think about but for once some one had a brave heart came and stood in front of the world to mention this.

Ya Ya what ever, the moral of the story is:
If you’re interested in me buy me a shoe,
If you want to impress a girl buy her a shoe,
If you’re going to divorce your wife, burn her left shoe…
your wondering why the left shoe la? I'll leave that for you to answer,...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hey girls check this out, it caught my eye…
Guess where is it from!!!!

Now I know why my friend keeps on rooming around with a huge camera with her all the time.


Friday, March 9, 2007

Ya what a life…

Shop Shop Shop

It seems so feminine laaa??? Well it’s not specially when you carry heavy things and one shoulder goes lower then the other and your face looks grumpy but still it’s to far for you to go back to this one and only shopping mall in Muscat

They said “AW GO CHECK OUT THE NEW PART OF CITY CENTER (MUSCAT)”. Now why would some one do some thing like that to me? The day of excitement came, walk up so early putting on my long black skirt going to work so early so I can make an escape around 10.00…….

Once I’m there heading to the new section 3aaaad wellla shops, wallah never seen minds like Omani minds before. They literally opened center point with 4-5 different doors and they got those lousy ugly shops around and made this pig EFTETA7 “opening” then people went happy………………. FOR WHAT???? CAN’T YOU SEE IT”S A TRAP?##*@!!

Ahhh I’ll still be going to dxb for my shopping so whom ever wants to join just hop in..