Sunday, February 10, 2008

Me & my soul mate

and they lived happily ever after

That’s what every single story I can remember reading ends up with, but, in the real life happily ever after doesn’t exist (unless you enjoy watching Shrek in lala land). Who is your soul mate? Is the one you find now will still be your soul mate after 10 years? Are we ready to commit for ever and ever? Why do we get married? Is it for breading?

The subject opened up from a girl’s group cession that I joined in Dubai. It was about Arabic women and how they dealt with the daily pressure in life. While I was on silent observing every one around me for the first hour I noticed that most of the young women attended were ether divorced, separated or on a limbo commitment. My questions started targeting individuals to avoid insulting them or getting them to feel unconfident although I knew that I was invading their privacy but I still went on. The subject went out loud whit in few minutes turning to discussions and debates.

(I got my divorce knowing deep inside that I can find someone better out there)… That was her comment giving me a slight curiosity about her dark mind. So you didn’t have any problems during your marriage? I asked. (Not really.. I had a peaceful life with him but he wasn’t the one that I could call my soul mate and I wasn’t ready to continue with my life just for the sake of marriage) as bold as she was I liked her answer. She loved her emotions and was ready to face the unknown even when she wasn’t sure her soul mate existed out there…

Unfortunately me admiring this lady didn’t last that long. Yes it was a smart answer, maybe, but what if she found her “soul mate" now and 10 years in her relation had passed, would they still have the same attraction, interest, likeness or feelings? That means every time she doesn’t feel the same she’ll leave him seeking for another… if that’s it, then she’s lucky (being sarcastic).

Now, are we have great expectations on our partners and that’s why we are losing them within time? Remembering my grand mother’s and mother’s generation divorce and separation where not a trend. It was rare and not acceptable. Today a woman just stood in front of every one (still admiring her being outrageous) and said indirectly that she’s going to seek for her man no matter what religion, morals, decency or even respect has to say.

Ya jama3a, how pity


'Grey' said...

OK i deleted so many comments i wrote i hope i will be able to write this one properly,
Marriage is an agreement between two individuals to love each other in thick and thin, the reason many people don't find thier soulmates is because they are after money and material and luxury. When conditions are applied to marriage it sinks , love is unconditional , you love your husband/wife no matter what, thats why they till death do us apart.. so is marriage is a unconditional union ( other than abuse) so the bottom line is when you give your self in and not think for your self but think as one soul ... there is the soulmate, if you ask me you creat your soulmate not find him/her.

Abs said...

Well I believe as long as time is given to Love and it is blessed with dedication and will, it has the potential to survive for a long time. If two people really love each other, then no matter what, they will always respect each other and grow deeper in love. Marriage is just a formal way to showcase that love.

I've personally seen a lot of "Happily ever after" couples who are now way into their 70s and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary etc.

That's my opinion. I believe it can happen. It just depends on how deep is the love really.

Keep it up, good post. Made me think there.

Elagante said...


Why do men always think that girls r after their money? That could b long time bake, but now the majority girls and women r independent, men r the 1 who r after rich or even working women to help them out on life expenses don’t you think? You can’t really love your husband/wife NO MATTER WHAT.. A human heart needs to be fed with passion, understanding and RESPECT (well I think those r the main ones)… and sorry I don’t think any of us can create a soul mate, u made it sound so easy.


I wish one day I’ll be one of those ppl, keeping my fingers crossed. I do agree that marriage is just a showcase, but is it really showcasing LOVE? That I have doubts on!!!

eshda3wa said...

who says a soulmate has to be a partner or someone u marry
my soulmate is my friend

and the women in that session were all emotionally deprived looking for something to give then tingles

tell them to get over themselves

were not in the movies

david santos said...
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Red Dragon said...

real sad,,,

Random thoughts said...

I think the problem is people rush into marriage, especially girls, because they're afraid that they'll never get married, so they marry, Mr. Right Now instead of waiting a little longer, for Mr. Right, and then they end up getting divorced.

Random thoughts said...

thnx for commenting on my blog.

Random thoughts said...

i don't reply to weird numbers---that;s in reply to ur comment.

i think when it comes to marriage alot of times both people go into it thinking its going to be one thing but it turns out to be another thing.
Different expectations.

Amjad said...

Elagante ..

It's been... ages! =)

Hope you're doing fine.

Anonymous said...

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