Monday, December 26, 2011

why did I say

“I DO”

Why do we get married?

Why do we think that marriage is happiness

Why does the soul-mate has to be the opposite agenda?

Why do we tolerate people at work but we can’t tolerate the ones at home?

Why do we use hurtful words to the ones we mostly love?

Why life is not as simple as a fairy tail?

Questions I know I will never find answers for but I will keep on hoping for the best.


I always thought that once the man of my dreams appears then that would be my forever after. Unfortunately, I got to realize there is nothing called “forever” at least not in love stories. Marriage is just a tie which holds you in a prison our society calls (Al 3ish al zawjiya) or even (Al qafa9 al thahabi) TRANSLATION: the golden cage...

So they do admit it is a cage, but they paint it in gold “WAAW what a color”. Now knowing it’s a cage WHY do we drag our selves in it?!!! I wont call it stupid or naive. I think it’s that hope that we all in one point have, the hope of finding peace, love and respect. The hope in finding our partners in life. The hope in finding and living the fairy tails that we all have been dreaming of since we were in PINK.

In the other side what we all get is:

WHERE are you going (dahhhhh)

WHO gave you PORMMITION to eat at this time

WHY did you sleep (My goodness)

You HAVE to wait for me (me as the KING ya3nee)

WERE u REALLY at your mom’s

WHAT are you thinking about (7ashaaaa 3ad he even want's to get into my brains)

WHY are you wearing perfume

There is no SALT in the food

the sheet is TOO soft

the water is TOO cold

DON’T visit your friends

You don’t love me like before, you changed (I wonder why?@##*)

Pick up my clothes

Wash my londry

Dry my towel

Take care of the kids

I want the house SILENT although we have a 4 months old baby (yaaa put a tape on his mouth)

Look like a dall (even when you wake up)

Go grocery shopping

DON’T ask me where I spent the night

DON’t ask who my friends are

DON’t ARGUE AT ALL (you are a wife, body with no brains nor feelings)

DON’T compare your self to me I am a MAN

I can get Jealous u can't feel that way, you are a women

I AM THE MAN (uhhhhhh please give me a break)

MEN side of the story...

Later... After more investigations


Anonymous said...

Hi ela,
people forgot how to respect each other specially in relation ships.
If there is no respect then no points of any realtion ship, not even friendship.

Elagante said...

That is so true. Respect does come first in good lasting relashions...

If we try putting that in mind we will reach so fare as ever afters...

Thanks Anonymous :)