Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ways of HEALING...

Everyone has his own way of healing... Some heal faster than the other, some hide the damages made and intend to move on. Some of us never forget and seek their revenges. But I’ll tell you today what my way is

I COOK.... 

Yes, honestly it did me very well. I cook, with love and passion. I give the dish my ALL. time, feeling and dedicate to a perfect tasteful meal for my family or sometimes friends.

You might think that I am joking or being sarcastic (as usual) but NOT THIS TIME  :)

See, healing needs time. Needs mind off the cause of damage. Needs to put out your best side and give others to get peace of mind and some satisfaction. If you loose your self in any way you might find it in the slightest smallest thing you do. like cooking... 

everyday I intend to get damaged, and everyday I look for a new recipe which will start from the tung. Hmmmmm what do I feel like tasting today? Is it hot and spicy chicken? Chinese Manchurian? Stake ribeye? Fish in coconut cream? or tacos? Indian? American? Asian? or even sweets :) 

So I choose my healing dish and I start getting recipes from friends, cooking books or even the internet. I go grocery shopping for fresh tomatoes, green leafs, going through the ally of the market looking, seeking and finding the missing puzzle of my healing dish.... then I head home. Put my best T-shirt on. wash my hands and start cutting up and cooking, turning and tasting with lots of love and joy. more salt, less lime. More color and at the time the dish is being prepared I think to my self: (who ever tried to damage me, look where I am now. I am in joy. I am giving out my best. I am cooking I AM Healing). 

Preparing the dish is like preparing your self to look at another angle of your life. If you, in your mind, determine that life is not about one thing which happened or one person who will switch your mood on and off whenever he/she desire. Then and only then, you have your own healing method. 

Living your life shouldn't always be about achieving or meeting your goals. to some people, living your life is simply about passing your day with joy, calmness and among the people that you love. Laughing on a dinner table describing your day and sharing your thoughts with them is more than enough for me. Satisfaction is achievable we just need to believe in our selves and COOK... :)

Happy day every one and enjoy the small things in life with acceptance 

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